s e c u R I T Y         D I A M O N D         S E R V I C E S


We are glad to welcome you to the website of Security Diamond Services. The diamond is the life longer element, symbol of purity, transparency and perfection. As a diamond, we want to keep you secure and free to brightly.

Diamond has also multiple facets, like the different complementary services such as security (our specialty), cleaning, transportation or rehabilitation works.


Our aim is to propose the best services at the best price and our thus committed to building a long-term relationship through efficient solutions and continuous support and availability. We are already trusted by several embassies, international groups and companies in Thailand for the full spectrum of our services. 


The security remains our spearhead and you can rest assured that you are choosing the best provider to advise, assist and supply you.


Quality, security or end of achievement, you need to evaluate your safety or be aware of the law respect with your franchisor, we are the solution.

​A security or compliance audit is based on experience of the advisor. The standard never can replace the experience, it's why the French "Gendarme" dominate this very singular domain. Called as well "economic intelligence" we dominate those specific missions with a perfect respect of the law.

After the audit, time is to secure. four main phases have to take place for a perfect according and functioning of the site. The equipment to provide and install, the rules and organization to implement and the guard to ensure respect on rules and lastly, the awareness spirit and training of the persons on site.


Our advisors, fully qualified and experimented have trained even to the Royale Thai Police when the first UN contingents needed to be deployed to some sensitive countries.


We are not sellers, we are professionals, do not waste your time or your money with security issues, entrust it to us.


As a reference in sensitive sites protection, iLIDS certified, EVITECH is specialized in video analytics even in very difficult conditions.


Motion detection is very easy but avoid the fake alarms and keep the guards aware is not. SDS commits to detect every single abnormal target with less than 2% of false alarms


SDS motto is: the best or nothing, security never gives a second chance !


Our quality Department controls all sites daily.


This important department checks all facets of a security guard work, from proper appearance to performance while on duty. It's thanks to our quality department and our fairness with our colleague’s guards that we have 0% absenteeism. We are pleased to thank them for their duty and their confidence.


Whether beginners or experienced, our security guards always undergo a specific policy and are fully aware about their duty. We emphasize team spirit and cohesion through our missions, meaning that you will always have a perfect team of professionals to ensure your security. Each of our teams are taught the best practices for active and passive security and company policies.


Our advisors master perfectly this specialty thanks to a very long experience in particular on conflict zones. Thanks to his experience in risk and security issues, he will offer you the solution perfectly tailored to your needs and we will choose the team fitted to this main mission.


To install security equipment as bullet proof glasses or camera for CCTV, we need some time to break, modify, and so we have to fix and renewal to give it back as it was. Our maintenance department can take in charge all works of maintenance and for the construction of security installations and more.


3 formulas


1 - A yearly to hire a cleaning or housekeeper.

You don't need to be worry about vacancies, holidays or sickness, you will have always somebody to take care of your premises. Always perfect and well equipped, our staff will give you the best service.


2 - Before a big event, after you finished to build or because you need to clean a large area our team can achieve the full cleaning and organize your area.

This special mission can be to clean and even more to help you for preparing your event and make it success. Our fitted quotations are always fast, detailed and perfectly transparent.


3 - The most useful and simple formula: 1 day - 1 team - 1 car

Our team (between 4 to 7 employees according to your need) come for one day to clean your premise for a periodicity that you wish. Weekly, monthly or bi annually, our expert come to see, organize, and establish the fitted formula to your specific needs.


Pushing the button triggers customisable notifications to alert self-defined recipients via API and web callbacks for specific business needs

Rich notifications available (SMS, VoiceCalls, Instant Messaging…)

Powered by the seamless IoT Communication Service

Enjoy the largest IoT Network powered by Sigfox


SDS makes


High Tech serve the security